Jälleen näyttöä siitä, että runsas kannabiksen käyttö on haitallista aivoille

Runsas kannabiksen käyttö aiheuttaa heikentynyttä oppimiskykyä ja heikentää muistia ( hippocampusta sekä rakenteellisesti että toiminnallisesti heikentämällä). Alla tiivistelmä vastikään julkistetusta artikkelista.
Kuka vielä viitsii puhua kannabiksen laillistamisesta?
Cognition and Cortical Thickness in
Heavy Cannabis Users
Miriam Wittemann et al, 
Introduction: Acute and long-term adverse effects of heavy
cannabis use (HCU) on neurocognitive function have been
suggested, as much as regional changes of brain volume.
However, little is known about the relationship between impaired
cognition and brain structure in individuals with HCU.
Objective: Here, we investigated associations between cognition
and cortical thickness (CT) in males with HCU and male
Methods: Twenty-six individuals with HCU and 20
controls were examined using a comprehensive neuropsychological
test battery and high-resolution structural MRI at
3T. CT was calculated using the Computational Anatomy
Toolbox (CAT12).

Results: Individuals with HCU differed
from controls with respect to verbal learning performance
and verbal working memory only. Individuals with HCU
showed reduced CT in medial temporal, orbitofrontal, and
cingulate regions, as well as in areas of the middle temporal
and fusiform cortex (peak voxel family-wise error-corrected
p < 0.001, followed by empirically determined correction for
spatial extent) compared to HC. Verbal learning performance
was associated with right entorhinal and left orbitofrontal CT
reductions. Entorhinal CT was also significantly associated
with amount and frequency of current weekly cannabis use.
Conclusions: The data support the notion of domain-specific
cognitive impairment in individuals with HCU and provide
a neuromechanistic understanding of such deficits, particularly
with respect to abnormal CT in brain areas associated
with long-term memory processing.
Ref European Addiction Research
DOI: 10.1159/000509987
Julkaistu 20.10.2020